So… When did you first fall in love with hip-hop?

The first time we truly realized that we are capable of loving another individual. We thought every relationship/significant other/boo-thang before that moment was REALLY love.

The irony is, that very much in the same way this movie captured it, the two never realize this at the same time initially. Or maybe they do and both would rather not make the other uncomfortable by changing the dynamics of the friendship.

As friends, you find this comfort zone where you can just be yourself and not worry about being judged. And then as you realize the feelings are there, the subtle hints start being dropped…

In alot of cases, she realizes that noone else “knows” her like he does. He doesnt realize that she is no longer impressed when he describes a new woman’s ass, where she used to give a thumbs up or down. He doesnt realize that she rolls her eyes when he introduces her to his new love interest. He just doesnt truly get it… until, she finds someone else.

The first time he tries to hang out with her and she actually has company… he feels that pit in his stomach a little. The next time when he shows up at her house and that other guy bought roses or left his Tims in her bedroom and he sees them, he gets crushed. This shit is no longer cool. Somebody is REALLY about to try to snatch up his best friend. His homie. His, his… baby.

That first time express yourselves intimately, its mad awkward. She is ready, she has been waiting to truly make love all of her life. But he gets this anxiety because though he has had some MARATHON sex sessions before, he has never really made LOVE to someone, and that is what his heart, body and soul want to do with her their first time after years of laying this friendship foundation. But he doesnt know yet that he doesnt know how, but he does know that he doesnt just want to sex with… HER.

And what will be left, should you be brave enough to finally have that conversation that should have been had 5 years ago, will be nothing short of everything.

Maybe you havent actually met your hip hop yet. We dont all meet our hip hop in our childhood, but one thing is for sure…

We know when we meet that perfect verse over a tight beat.

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